API Documentation

More in-depth documentation will be forth coming.

However the quick overview is HamDB.org offers access to it's database using a very simple REST API.

It can be accessed using a HTTP GET request to the URL http://api.hamdb.org/CALLSIGN/FORMAT/APPNAME

CALLSIGN should be the requested amateur radio callsign

FORMAT should be one of the supported formats you'd like the data returned in (xml, json, csv)

APPNAME should be a string that identifies your app or project

Example: http://api.hamdb.org/w1aw/json/hamdb

If the callsign is not found within the HamDB.org database, a result will be returned in messages -> status value of NOT_FOUND

Any questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach out. I can be reached on twitter @kk6nlw or at kk6nlw [at] gmail